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In Memory, Yet Crystal Clear

"In Memory, Yet Crystal Clear" Ė is a Science Fiction tale of how one man can change the world. This was my first short story ever to get published in a magazine way back in 1992. It is a work of Social Horror. I have updated it for this book as the technology in it as it was getting dated. I had also updated it before it was originally published as I had written it some years even previous to that, in the 80s. Originally it was written as a dare, a lark, a challenge, when I had jokingly said one day to some friends while we were partying together one night, that I could make any storyline plausible. Due beware of making such claims as it was a lot of work from then on.

They took me to task on this. I said for them to choose any concept they thought couldn't be made to work and I would write it. It was just for fun, and as an exercise; a challenge. I also wrote it in an attempt to purge myself of writing in my typical style. Those friends had said that they liked my stories but they had two problems back then. They didnít understand half of what I was saying; and I never put an ending to a story. So I decided that after I finished writing this story, I would simplify my style. But I would enjoy myself one last time. This was before I started college and I was insecure in my writing skills. For all intents and purposes, this story should never have gotten published; it was supposed to be an unwriteable concept and I wrote it in a style that shouldnít have sold well.

Software I had run it through years later (which hadnít existed at the time I wrote it), had said it was written at grade level seventeen when it should have been nine through twelve. But then, publishers always underestimate their audience. Years after it was written, I sent it out with all my other stories as short story writers do, trying to find the right audience and magazines to sell to. Over that time I had tweaked it a bit, as you are always getting better at what you do over time.

I must have done a fairly good job on it as it was the first one to get a bite from a publisher. Itís just ironic that it had two major reasons why it should never have worked and yet became my first ever published short story. The publisher wrote back and said he liked it and if I would cut 1500 words he would publish it.

I found a section that was almost exactly 1500 words and though it added to the flavor, it wasnít integral to the telling of the story. So, I cut it and he published it. I have since put that section back in as I have the room now for it. It is the section at the character Peterís home, if you are interested. To be honest, I was incensed at the time of cutting any of the story. But my sonís mother admonished me to take a look, then complain. She was right, the publisher was right and it got published.

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