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The London Mea Culpa Document

“The London Mea Culpa Document” is a document about the document called “The Mea Culpa Document”. It is a one page description from the “authoritative journal” it was published in.

"The Mea Culpa Document" following the “London” piece, was originally written back in college with the help of a Theater Professor who is into Medieval Literature (he also helped me with “Poor Lord Ritchie”, see below). It is a story about a great burden that an idealistic Witch Hunter has to bear in the Medieval Ages in England. Mea Culpa documents used to be documents that some used to write out all their sins and then typically burn them. But in this case, this document was stored for posterity, for reasons that will be made clear.

Over time I ended up writing another story based on this document that I started to build into a novel, but have yet to finish it. That has happened several times to me; meaning that I have several unfinished novels laying around. One of them is in a format similar to Stephen King's epic novel, "The Stand". The story I wrote based on “The Mea Culpa Document” I’ve titled, “Vaughan’s Theorem" and is in my next book coming out soon.

“Vaughan’s Theorem” is about the scholar who finds the document and how it adversely affected his life.

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